BA Show

The art piece by Jenna Weichmann called "Boy and His Dog #3" was my favorite that I saw. I really liked that it was just a simple black and white picture. It was a photo taken of a boy sitting next to his dog (black lab). The boy and his dog are looking at each other with their noses almost touching. They are sitting in front of a window so this brightens the picture up a bit. This picture shows the message from the saying that dogs are a Mans Best Friend. I believe that saying very much. I have grown up with 3 dogs as pets and they are the most loyal, happy, playful, pets you can get. They are always wanting to spend time with you either following you where ever you go, greeting you and extremely excited when you return home, and always wanting to play with you, either go on a walk to play with toys. They are generally sweet animals, gentle, and loving. This picture shows the close bond that this boy has with his dog. Since it was in black and white it had a very soft feel and calm feel. I really liked this piece.

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