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I'm Kaylee. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life. I really like living near the city being close to malls and various fun places but also love the countryside and has always thought it would be so much fun to live on a farm because its so pretty and I really like animals. I'm generally a very happy person and like to have a great time wherever I'm at. I'm also a somewhat musical person. I've played the piano for 10 years and I've been playing the cello for 6 years and I really enjoy it. I really like to travel. I travel few times a year out of state for special church conventions, camps, and visiting friends and family.

Doll House Project sz.jpg
This is an image that I created that describes a lot of who I am. Here is a picture of my Doll House that I have had since I was very little. I was the typical little girl that loved playing with dolls and barbies. Besides showing my main interest as a child I added myself inside of the Doll House doing various different things that I like. I have myself in a car because I like to travel, I'm playing football in the backyard which is my favorite sport, I'm watching TV downstairs with someone to show that I like spending time with family and friends, I'm pushing babies in a swing because I really like little kids, I am cooking in the kitchen because I like to bake, upstairs I am holding my cello because I play it and that I'm musical, and on the top floor is me playing with a dog because I like animals and dogs are my favorite.

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