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On Tuesday, February 23, we went to the Chambers Art Hotel in downtown Minneapolis to explore and see different types of artwork that they have displayed there. One piece that really struck out at me was the painting of a face by Machiko Edmondson. She had two pieces displayed here at the Chambers hotel. My favorite of the two was the one titled Titanium Expose 2007, versus the second one titled Flare 2009. Both are incredible art pieces. What struck me most about both of the paintings of hers was how real life they looked. At first glance I would have thought it was just a photograph taken of a girls face placed on canvas but when you do walk up to the painting and look up closely to it, it is indeed a painting. Even up close to the painting you don't see any odd streaks or marks from a paint brush, the skin of the girls face is so smooth and each line or edge of different parts of her face or soft and just glide your eyes throughout the whole picture. What I loved most about the first piece were the eyes. They amazed me. They were done so beautifully and the colors that were put into them just shined and glowed. She did an amazing job! Also what I liked about the first piece of hers was that it was in black and white but the eyes weren't. The colors of blues and greens really made them stand out. The second piece was also very well done. If I were to choose what I liked best about the second one was that it was more slightly colored and because of the brown eyes and the skin tone but I really liked how her face was more straight forward instead of at an angle and that there was some hair on her forehead that you could see. I really enjoyed my time at the Chambers Art Hotel and getting to enjoy some of the art of these Contemporary artists. The piece done by Machiko Edmondsone was my favorite and I would really like to see more artwork done by here. She's an amazing artist.

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