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Musical Rain Shower

At this international exhibition of new media work, that took place in China, the piece of Interactive Installation by Daniela Kueschat and Rejane Cantoni really stood out to me. This artwork is a black open black cube with three walls. Each wall is filled with hundreds of identical violin-like visual strings. Each individual string is tuned with such tension so that when they vibrate they make a sound that varies because of the way it will be interacted with and the position it is in. In the photograph that the description of the piece provides has someone, that you can't make out because it is so dark, looking like they are waving their hands across many vertical hanging bright blue florescent-lighted strings. When they touch the strings, each individual string makes a different sound and tone depending on how the person interacts with it.
This piece really stood out to me because I play a string instrument, the cello, and love the sounds that it makes. To be in a dark room with bright glowing strings hanging from the ceiling would put me in my own little magical musical world. Also I think that this piece is very beautiful. It makes me feel very relaxed and it's calming to look at. From my first glance at the picture it instantly reminded me of rain. Each individually placed bright blue florescent-lighted string hanging vertically down made me envision a rainfall. If you really use your imagination, envision that each string is a raindrop quickly moving down from the sky. Because this is a dark cube box, I envision that this rain shower is at night and is coming down a lot, yet is very pleasant. Especially because the color chosen was blue, it really related to rain and what it might look like, imaginably, if rain was brightly colored. Also you could imagine that it is the glow of the moon that reflects off of the raindrops that gives it the bright blue glow at nighttime. The last part that helped me put a scene of rain to this art piece was that each individual string made there own unique sound upon vibration of the string when interacted with. This was imagining that each raindrop is a musical raindrop. Rain automatically has its own twinkling sound when you hear it falling onto the road or your car or even the roof of your house. Rain is a musical instrument of nature. I really love it when it rains at night. It is so soothing and relaxing. It makes me want to curl up on the couch by the fireplace with a cup of tea, and either a good book or put on a favorite movie. I really liked this new media work.

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