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The art piece "Planes of Existence" by Jessica Techemeyer interested me the most. As I walked into the art gallery it caught my eye instantly. This art work is a large circle pool, not very deep, with water in it, and has a 3-headed dog, one head drinking out of the pool, and the other two looking in separate directions. Inside of the pool it was lit up with a glowing animated picture of waves. These waves were blues and greens and looked shiny. This really gave the real affect of water. The picture in the pool didn't stay as just animated waves. It eventually changed to a picture of some designs and then an eye. The eye blinked. That I thought was so cool! This art piece was in a dark room so the glowing water really struck out. Having a 3-headed dog was interesting because it's not ordinary or real life. It gave the imagination and fantasy feel of the art piece. The water also gave a magical feel.

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