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Week 2 friends.jpg
This is a picture of me and some of my really close friends taken recently. My friends are very important to me. I couldn't live without them. They are always there for me no matter what. We have the best of times together of fun and laugher. We all share a lot of the same interests and values which help us all grow very close together with trust and comfort. My friends are great and wouldn't change anything about them!

Week 2 orchestra-edited.jpg
This is a picture of my High School Concert Orchestra that I was in last year. I play the cello and I absolutely love it! I love music and playing music is such a great way to express yourself and have a different outlook on things. I've played cello for 5 years and have enjoyed it so much. It is a blast being in the orchestra. We play all sorts of pieces. Also most of my friends are in it as well which makes it a lot of fun. I don't just play cello in my school orchestra. I play in my church ensemble and orchestra as well.

Week 2 travel-edited.jpg
This is a picture I took while driving through Chicago after visiting Louisville, Kentucky during winter break. I love to travel! I travel at least three times or more a year and it is such a blast. I like seeing different parts of the country and learning new things about where I go. I usually travel for various church retreats and conventions that we have early, or camps, and even just for a vacation to visit relatives or good friends that live far away. It's great to get together with friends and family that I don't see much and enjoying new experiences in different places is very fun and enjoying to me.

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