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Week 3 dogs-edited.jpg
Here is a picture I took of my two dogs, Chloe (lab), and Barney (beagle), last winter. I love them. I really love dogs, they are my favorite pet animal. This picture was also taken a few months before Chloe died, at the age of 6. That was a very sad moment for my family and I. Now we just have Barney, he is such a fun, cute, little energetic, rascal.

Week 3 football.jpg
This is a picture that I took at my high schools homecoming football game this fall when I went with some friends. Football is m y favorite sport. I love playing and watching it!

Week 3 Mia-edited2.jpg
I took this picture of a little girl that my mom watches in her daycare, last summer. I really love kids, they are so cute, adorable, and extremely entertaining. Since my mom does daycare I have been around little kids my whole life and have really become attached to them and have a good understand about children. They are a lot of fun and its so cute how much they look up to an older person (teen, adult) for help, encouragement, and even a role model. They are sure Cuties!

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