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Week 4 Theatre.jpg
I took this picture at the Guthrie Theatre in downtown Minneapolis this fall when I went to see the play The Importance of Being Earnest. I really enjoy going to plays and watching live performances. I'm not into the big acting thing myself, but I really enjoy watching different plays. It's a lot of fun. My favorite are ones that are funny because the live acting makes it so much more entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This play was very well done. I have seen the movie and it was great. It has a lot of great comedy so watching how the performers put this story to live acting is so fascinating and fun.

Week 4 DSW.jpg
This picture I took in Mall of America this year in the DSW store. This brings out my "girly" side of me. I really love shopping and most girl things. Two of my favorite things are the fun girlish accessories such as purses and shoes! They are so much fun to match with outfits and get to add some fun. DSW in particular is one of my favorite stores to shop at, especially for these two items.

Week 4 Cookies.jpg
Pretty much this image says it all, "I Love Cookies!" They are delicious. I love cooking them, eating the dough as I'm making them, enjoying the amazing smell that comes from freshly baked cookies, and then eating them with a large glass of milk. Om nom nom nom! The Best!

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