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Week 5 kids-edited.jpg
Here is another picture that I took of some of the kids that I have been around most of my life. I again love little kids, they are so fun, cute, entertaining, and so full of wonder and interest in life. This is a picture of them playing in a grass field near where I live. I really enjoyed watching them play and try to run through the tall weeds.

Week 5 pancakes.jpg
Here are some pancakes that I made. They are not normal pancakes. These are called Swedish Pancakes, which are thin pancakes made without leavening. They are one of my favorite breakfast foods, breakfast being my favorite meal of the day. The are so good! I love putting tons of different toppings on pancakes. Some such as syrup, butter, peanut butter, jelly, strawberry sauce, cream cheese, honey, apple sauce, bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, cash-shoes or various nuts, and many more.

I took this photo recently in the fall on our way to Wisconsin Dells. I really love and enjoy watching the colors of the trees in the fall change. When all of the trees are many different colors but full of leaves it is so beautiful. Also Wisconsin Dells is one of my favorite places to go travel to.

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