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This is a picture that I took of a pond with some ducks swimming in it. This is a little aspect of nature that I got. I really love nature and being in nature. It's so peaceful, relaxing, and calm. I love the sounds of birds, the sound of the wind against the trees, the feel of the breeze and warmth of the sun rays. Nature isn't busy with the sounds and noises of city streets and cars and people. You don't feel like you are in a hurry and have to be somewhere quickly. In nature you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy what is around you. I really like it. Sometimes when I was little I use to go outside with a blanket, lay it in the shade and just lay there, enjoying the summer warmth and calm sounds around me.

This is a picture of a guy I know during a basketball game. My church has various basketball tournaments. It is a time when we can congregate with friends and have fun watching people in my church play basketball. I really enjoy watching basketball games. They get very intense and are filled with suspense! Sometimes so suspenseful that I can't even bare to watch because I feel like if I look something might happen. It is fun being a fan in the bleachers with the rest of the crowd cheering. Its a blast!

This is a picture of some of my friends while we were horseback riding in the winter at one of my church winter camps. I do love winter, though it is very cold sometimes. Snow is of corse my favorite part of winter. It is the first big snowfall of the season that is my favorite. When the snow comes and it fills every spot of grass and every tree and road and house are all covered in this beautiful, clean, sparkly, white, blissful, crisp, snow. I call it being in a "Winter Wonderland". Also another thing in this photo that shows a little bit more about who I am is that I really like animals. Horseback riding I have always enjoyed since I was very little. Though a horse is a big animal, they are quite gentle spirited, and beautiful animals.

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