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Week 7 Paint.jpg
I really like to paint. I use to paint a lot more when a were a little younger because I had a lot more free time but I still absolutely love it. Some of my favorite type of painting that I started to learn was one stroke painting. I painted a lot of flowers and some birds and bees. I really enjoy painting wild life or outdoor scenes because the outdoors are usually a peaceful places to be. Painting lets you relax and put aside all your worries and just put down colors and make them into a nice picture.

Week 7 water-edited.jpg
I took this at one of my good friends wedding this year. I thought the scenery at her wedding was very beautiful. I think waterfalls or any sort of water fountain are really pretty and add a lot to the landscape of a place. Also I really like going to weddings. Its a big Happy day!

Week 7 Minneapolis.jpg
I recently took this picture of Minneapolis. Minneapolis is just about my favorite city. I live in a suburb of it, so I've been here my whole life. I also come downtown just about everyday so I am surrounded by the city atmosphere a lot. I enjoy coming downtown for shopping, outings with friends, games, out to eat, and plain old just for fun. This would me my more "city girl" side of what I enjoy. As for the other side is the "farm girl" side.

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