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This images tell of my make up and curling iron tells about my "girly side". I absolutely love dressing up and getting ready for things. I really like to curl my hair too. Also there is one more thing in here, notice my make-up bag is leopard print, I love leopard print! :)

Here is a picture of kiwi I took. Kiwi is my favorite fruit, plus I just LOVE fruit, all fruit, in general.

prom candles-edited.jpg
I took this picture of the table piece at my church prom this weekend. The theme was Hollywood. Taking this photo tells some about me in a few ways. I took this at prom, which I really love going to my church proms and dances, its a lot of fun, and the theme was Hollywood. I really like city lights and having fun and movies so this pictures show some of those things about me.

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