(retroactively posting this entry I wrote in my journal this morning)

Local time 8:34 am

I'm just hanging out in the Madrid airport, waiting to catch my flight to Casablanca (I have a three-hour layover.), so I figured I'd write down some of the things I'm most excited and nervous about for my year in Rabat! Unfortunately, the last-minute rush of packing meant that I didn't get a predeparture entry posted like I wanted to, so this can serve that purpose. I have a feeling that someday I'll look back on these expectations and laugh. :P

10 things I'm excited for:

- meeting my fellow program participants
- being in Morocco - a whole new continent!
-getting a good night's sleep :)
- figuring out the orientation schedule for the next few weeks
- learning some Darija
- meeting my host family
- city living
- improving my French skills
- learning about Islam
- talking to my family at home soonish

10 things I'm nervous about:

- wearing culturally appropriate clothing
- getting run over by a hungry, sleep-deprived Ramadan observer
- juggling three foreign languages
- using public transportation
- Turkish toilets!!!!
- getting harassed by men
- being treated differently because of my gender
- culture shock
- forgetting to use my right hand for everything
- in general, offending people by accident because I'm a clueless foreigner

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