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Australian Fires Kill 49

Forty-nine people have died from what is being called Australia's worst fire disaster in a quarter-century, according to The Associated Press.
A record of 117 degrees Fahrenheit (47 C) made for perfect conditions for blazes. Witnesses described seeing trees explode and skies full of ash, reported the The New York Times.
Police are still trying to confirm the details of the deaths from the fire, but they believe that charred bodies found in cars points to people being engulfed in flames as they were attempting to flee.
NASA released photos of the fire that could be seen as a white cloud of smoke from their satellite.
The largest fire of about a dozen in Victoria went through farmland, forests, and towns north of Melbourne. A goldrush town northeast of Melbourne has almost been completely destroyed.
"Marysville is no more," Senior Constable Brian Cross said.
Temperatures are expected to cool to around 77 degrees Farenheit Sunday, however wind changes due to this cooling may push the fire in unexpected directions.
Some of the fires may have been set on purpose, Kieran Walshe, the Deputy Commissioner said. Walshe predicted that it would be a number of days before the blazes are able to be controlled.
''Hell in all its fury has visited the good people of Victoria in the last 24 hours,'' Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.