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Iran has materials, but is far from making nuclear bomb, officials say

The Star Online has reported that the United States believes Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make a bomb. This is according to U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, who said so on Sunday. Mullen made the comments on air during CNN's "State of the Union" program.

"And Iran having nuclear weapons, I've believed for a long time, is a very very bad outcome -- for the region and for the world," Mullen said.

While Mullen believes Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make a bomb, it should be noted that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said that Iran is not even close to actually building a weapon (Los Angeles Times).

The International Atomic Energy Agency said that Tehran may have one third more enriched uranium than originally stated, based on an IAEA's report.

The U.S. suspects Iran of using its nuclear program to build an atomic bomb, but Tehran say that their enriched uranium is for generation of electricity. President Barack Obama has refered to Iran's nuclear program as an "urgent problem."

The IAEA said that Iran's understatement of the amount of uranium may not have been on purpose, and that Iran is working with them in order to avoid any more miscalculations of uranium amounts.