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Palestinian PM resigns

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has given his resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas, BBC News reported. This resignation comes before talks of power sharing between President Abbas and Hamas, Abbas' rivals.

Fayyad has said that he will not step down until a national unity government is formed. Yahoo News is reporting that Fayyad may not step down until late March, and that he may be reappointed if a unity is not formed. Fayyad's resignation is an important building block for the formation of a unity government.

Committees have been assembled by delegations from Fatah, Hamas, and other Palestinian groups in an attempt to form a unity government. A month from now an indication of progress may be able to be seen. The rebuilding of Gaza would be co-ordinated by the new government.

The differences between Fatah and Hamas is one of the reasons that a peace deal between Israel and Palestine has not taken shape.