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12 people arrested after Dinkytown riot

Minneapolis police arrested twelve people Saturday after a riot in Dinkytown, KMSP-TV reported.

Of the twelve people arrested, five are currently students at the University, two are recent students and one is a future student, KARE-TV reported.

The riot occured during Spring Jam Weekend at the U which is typically a big weekend for parties. U of M police arrived at a large off-campus party on the 1400 block of 7th Street SE about 8 p.m., KARE-TV reported. These initial officers had rocks, bottles and debris thrown at them, Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia said.

The amount of students increased to about 500 at one point. The riot gear clad police responded to the crowd with foam bullets and tear gas.

Students started a large fire in the street, jumped on cars and attempted to flip them, causing property damage. Almost 60 police officers responded to the riots.

"This is not the kind-of behavior University of Minnesota students should engage in," Jerry Rinehart, the University's vice provost for student affairs said. "We're going to very vigorously look into each case."