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Suicide attack kills 9 Sunni fighters

Nine U.S.-allied Sunni paramilitaries were killed and 30 were injured Saturday when a suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt at an army base in Iraq, Yahoo news has reported.

The attack occurred in Jbala, a town about 35 miles south of Baghdad. The bomber struck at 11 a.m., when 250 members of the Sunni paramilitaries, known as the Awakening Councils or Suns of Iraq, were at the Jbala base.

More than 50 people have already been killed from the weeks previous bombings. A bombing in Mosul Friday killed five U.S. soldiers, making it the deadliest attack against U.S. soldiers in more than a year.

The ability of Iraqi forces to control security is an issue of concern since U.S. soldiers will withdraw from Iraq on June 30.