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US will boycott UN racism conference

Next week's UN forum on racism will be boycotted by the US due to a disagreement concerning Israel and freedom of speech, BBC News reports. The state department called the guiding document of the conference unacceptable after being amended.

The US said that their decision not to attend was final due to it being too late to address critical problems with the conference, JTA reported.

The US found the newer additions to the text regarding 'incitement' to be obstructive to unfettered free speech, the state department said in a statement.

The US said they were also alarmed about language in the text which concerned an "incitement to religious hatred."

The decision of whether or not to attend has raged in the US for weeks, the Associated Press news agency said.

The participation of the US in the conference was opposed by Pro-Isreal groups and supported by human rights organizations like TransAfrica. Canada and Israel have said they would not attend and EU diplomats are still considering.

The Durban Review Conference will open Monday and last for five days.