Method/ Assembly

This project will undertake three simultaneous, contiguous and often-overlapping research and design trajectories explored through a series of case studies, and subsequent design studies towards the development of a novel and bespoke high-rise fa├žade/ surface/ skin. The three trajectories will focus on interrogating material properties, fabrication and manufacturing processes, as well as assembly techniques. Essential to all three trajectories is the integration of digital design and fabrication technologies towards the gainful research, analysis, and development of each individual trajectory.

Throughout the entire process, emphasis will be placed on unconventional thinking. This project is an opportunity to challenge established architectural production techniques and to explore how innovation in the design and fabrication processes, often adapted from other design industries, facilitate a link between the realms of research and production.

Interrogating the material property/ fabrication/ assembly potentials inherent in materials whose fabrication method is limited to two-dimensional stock while allowing for three-dimensional, highly articulated assemblies is a primary parameter in the exploration. Fundamental to the development of the project, therefore, is to radicalize the potential and constraints inherent in the materials and provoke them to take on structural, spatial, programmatic, and phenomenal dimensions by exploiting the inherent material properties, fabrication processes, and assembly techniques.

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