University of Alabama professor shoots and kills three colleagues

A University of Alabama professor shot and killed three colleagues during a faculty meeting on Friday.
Amy Bishop, 42, shot and killed three colleagues in a faculty meeting on Friday, and injured three others, reported The Washington Post.
According to The New York Times, a faculty member said Bishop sat quietly for 30 to 40 minutes, then pulled out a 9-millimeter handgun and fired several rounds.
The New York Times reported that police said Bishop left the room and dumped the gun in a second-floor bathroom.
Bishop, who was a professor in the biology department, was denied tenure. This would have been her last semester teaching at Alabama, reported The Washington Post.
Bishop appealed the decision made by the university, but her appeal was denied, reported The New York Times.
According to The Washington Post, Bishop has been charged with capital murder and could face the death penalty.

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