CEAP helps the needy in our community

I want to take a minute to talk about an organization known as CEAP. The Community Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance for families in need. They also help the elderly and people who are recovering from an illness or surgery.
One of the things they do is provide food for people in need. People are able to come in with their families and pick up food that has been packed up for them by the staff and volunteers of CEAP. They also provide the people with diapers, baby food and other hygiene products. This service is designed to assist people for up to five days a month for as long as they need it.
Another amazing program they are involved in is Meals On Wheels. This is where they drive food to people who are unable make it themselves. Some of these people may be laid up from a recent surgery, or they are ill. Other people who use the program are the elderly who wish to remain independent but have troubles preparing three meals a day that are well balanced.
The clothing closet is extremely cool. People give away all of their old and gently used clothing. People can come in and pick up to 25 items twice a month. This make it possible for less fortunate children to wear a variety of clothing and build a self-esteem knowing they don't have to wear the same thing over and over again.
Once the kids have new clothes they can come to the back to school drive where CEAP fills their backpacks with all of the essential school material. All of the materials are items donated from people in the community and other businesses in the area.
If you enjoy the things that CEAP has to offer and would like to help out please go visit http://www.ceap.com/ This is one website you can feel good about.

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The ADentheos Company makes T-shirts that state love for Minneapolis and ST. Paul as well as the 612 and 651 area codes. I am proposing that you do a story on the company and the brothers that started the company. You could also do a segment where people write in and say what their shirts mean to them. They could include what it is about their area code or city has to offer in terms of nightlife and popular music in the city. This could showcase different bands or attractions around the Twin Cities. It could also showcase a cultural movement around the Twin Cities area.

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