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Almost Ready to Start

Recently I have been finalizing the application process for Children’s Hospital. I have attended the orientation session which included roughly a two and a half hour meeting which informed us of standard procedures while volunteering at the hospital. Some things included in the orientation were activities that explain what to do when certain situations are encountered. For example, what actions to take if a missing child is reported or a “code pink? is announced. Also, issues were covered regarding confidentiality and basic ways to handle children and how to make the best of the volunteer experience. Overall, I felt the orientation was very long but at the same time interesting because it brought up things I wouldn’t have originally thought of. For example, it told us to say “goodbye? rather than “see you later? to the children so the children wouldn’t be expecting us to come back later in the day.
This past week I finished all the required medical tests including a tuberculosis test which was extremely fun and exciting. Once all the results were good to go, everything would now be ready to begin volunteering once I complete an interview. My interview is scheduled for early next week and then its time to start the big gig. I am very eager to begin volunteering at Children’s and be able to spend time with all the kids. I also am very eager to begin volunteering so that I can begin blogging about my experiences rather than my expectations of what I will be doing.