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Week 3: In Class Articles

This past week in class, we discussed excerpts from “Working� which I found very interesting. I enjoyed these excerpts because each was a personal story that I felt was easy to follow as well as relate to. Each character tells their own story of their work and lifestyle and I found it interesting how each person’s job can really play a large part in their overall outlook on life. Also, I found it interesting how such a variety of jobs can be so similar in the way these people view them and what they get out of their work.
My group was assigned to further look into the article “The Parking� by the character Alfred Pommier. I enjoyed this article as I felt the character “Loving Al� truly appreciated his work and the life he has lived. Although he works as a car parker, he completes his work to the fullest and does a very good job at what he does. In his prime he knows he was the best and was not arrogant, but very confident. I also enjoyed this article because Alfred seems to be very in touch with reality. He states when he got behind the wheel of a fancy car, he would pretend it was his own car and how great it would be to be rich, but at the same time he knew he would never have enough money to afford anything than his own average car. This is what I really enjoyed about this article; the fact that Alfred was very content with his life and in touch with reality. He seemed to be reminiscing about his life and had a very content and warming tone to the article.