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Week 4: The interview

This past Tuesday I had my interview at Children’s which was the final thing to do before I could begin volunteering. I took the 2 bus and got off and had to walk about 5 blocks to the hospital. I was a little pessimistic about this walk as it was a slightly sketchy neighborhood. Once I got into the hospital however, this feeling completely changed as I went down to the volunteer center where I was greeted very joyfully by the secretary. I could tell right away that there was a very positive and friendly atmosphere in not only the volunteer area but the entire hospital as a whole. There are many bright colors and the hospital’s environment gives a feeling of comfort more than most other hospitals. The interview itself was fairly simple and mostly consisted of the volunteer coordinator Ben asking me questions about previous experience and reasons why I chose to volunteer at Children’s. It was a very casual conversation during the interview and took about 20-25 minutes. After the interview portion, Ben went over with me the various places I would have the opportunity to volunteer at within the hospital. In the end we decided that the sibling play area would be the best fit for me which basically consists of hanging out and giving attention to the siblings of hospitalized children. I was very happy to get a position as a volunteer because I was told that I was one of the last spots filled because of the excess of people applying for positions. After this, the interview process was complete so I thanked Ben for his help, got my things, caught the bus and high-tailed it home.