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Week 5: 1st time with the kids!

I found out that I will be volunteering at least once a week usually on Fridays. This past Friday was the first time volunteering at the sibling play area in the hospital. When I got to the hospital I went down to the volunteer office and once again was greeted with a big enthusiastic hello from Natalie the secretary. I then met up with Ben who began to show me the routine regarding signing in and out. There is a touch screen that keeps track of each volunteer’s hours which I thought was pretty nifty. I then got a sweet red vest to throw on and we were off to the play area. I got a quick tour of the main floor and then we were off to meet Charles (the head of the play area). We got in and there were 3 or 4 kids hanging out. I met Charles and he gave me a very brief talk about how things work there. He basically told me to hang out with the kids so I went over to a 2 year old boy named Brock and began playing with marbles with him. It was fun to see how excited he got when we would race the marbles down a track they had set up. After a while we went over to the video games because Brock was fascinated by the game even though he had no idea how to play. We played a racing game and barely stayed on track once but he seemed to enjoy it regardless. I could tell that Brock had been to the play area quite a few times as he seemed to know where everything was kept. A few more kids came in and we all began playing with a big blue ball which seemed to entertain them all. After this we kept busy building a train set. One of the boys dads came in with the family and was video taping him with the trains which I initially thought was a little strange but then on second thought was pretty cool. It was kind of neat seeing the boy on camera simply getting a kick out of the trains. After a couple hours the play area closed so I helped Charles clean up and that was it for that day. I singed out in the volunteer office and off.


It sounds like your first experience was a good one! I have yet to have my interview- this application process takes forever. Anyway, working with kids is great, isn't it? It looks like you do a pretty good job of having a good time with whoever your "client of the day" is, and then when the day is over, going back to normal life. I'll probably have a bit of a hard time moving on right away, because as they said in orientation, we never really see a kid more than once. I'll probably be working on Fridays too so maybe I'll see you! I hope you have as much fun the next time you volunteer.