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Week 6: 2nd time at the hospital

This past Friday was the second time that I have gone in to volunteer at Children’s. I walked into the hospital as usual and was heading down to the volunteer office when I saw a boy being taken through the hallway in a stretcher with doctors and paramedics pushing him along. For a second I almost felt like I was in a T.V. show when you see people getting rolled around in stretchers and doctors going every which way. Although it didn’t seem to be an emergency, the reality of the situation really hit me simply because it was a little boy of maybe five or six years old opposed to any adult needing help.
When I got to the sibling play area it was a bit less crowded than the previous week. I met a few of the kids and began playing games and just spending time around the kids. I recognized two of the boys from last week which also made me realize how long some kids have to stay in the hospital. After the first hour many of the kids left and for about 10 minutes there weren’t any children in the play area. During this time, Charles and I cleaned up and wiped down a majority of the toys that kids had been playing with. Then, a little girl came in who was very well behaved and took her shopping cart around collected all the toys she liked and put them in her cart. Soon after a few more kids came in and we all just played with toys for the remaining time until the play area closed. When one boy left his parents came in and could smell that he had a little accident in his pants. His dad said that he shouldn’t do that and the workers probably didn’t enjoy the smell. He told the boy to apologize so right before the boy left he said “bye, sorry for the poop? and headed home. I thought this was pretty funny and it wasn’t too bad either since he was only there for about 15 minutes or so. After this, I had a little laugh, helped clean up and was off.


I really liked your story about your second time at Children's. I can't imagine what it was like to see that little boy being taken in the stretcher, I'm sure it was a very moving experience. Good to hear that at the end of your shift you had a more funny accident!

Wow. The hospital sounds like a pretty eventful place to volunteer. I can't even imagine what it would be like to see a child rushed off in a stretcher...I bet it would be a big reality check. Sometimes you forget that children often face life-threatening situations too. On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the poop story. It made me laugh.

Volunteering at Children’s has obviously made you think about patients in a different way. Although watching the boy being pulled in a stretcher made think if the scene is real or not, this kind of stuff happens on a daily basis for people who are less fortunate than us, and the best thing we can do is pray for them and help out with as much as we can.