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4th time: Outdoor Adventure

This past time volunteering ended up being a lot of fun. When I got up to the sibling play area there was only a couple kids inside so I thought it might be somewhat uneventful for the day. I put together a few puzzles with a little girl and then a few more kids came into the play area. Since it was such a nice day, I went outside with some kids to hang out in the nice weather. This was the first time I had been to the outside part of the play area and it was actually a pretty sweet hangout spot for the kids. There was a jungle gym, basketball hoop, teeter totter…basically the works. Anyway, I was outside hanging out with two little girls who were very enthusiastic and wanted to go on a treasure hunt.
We began the treasure hunt by finding the treasure map and running around and trying to find the key, the “cave of wonders?, the magic genie and everything else along the way. The one girl decided that she was Jasmine and that I would be Aladdin while we were all running around fighting off the bad guys and trying to find the treasure. Then, another boy began to play with us and he was going to be the bad guy Jaffar. After a while though he didn’t want to be the bad guy anymore so he decided that he was now going to be Peter Pan. Obviously these kids had quite the imagination. After we found the treasure we decided to play a few games of hide and seek. These kids were pretty skilled at hide and seek because the only way I could find them was when they started laughing at me after I couldn’t find them. After this, all the kids left, the girls said “bye Aladdin? and it was about time for me to take off. I shot some hoops with Charles after we cleaned up and then I was out-skies.


It sounds as if you had around as much fun playing with the kids as they did playing with you. At least, I hope this is the case. Aladin, huh? Nice, fun times. More comment to fill space. I hope you have this much fun every time.

Based on what I have read it seemed that you really enjoyed you day. The thing that sticks out the most, (especially with me) is that I really like it when you expect something to happen and then the complete opposite actually occurs. In your case, you thought the day was going to be boring but it turned out you had a lot of fun especially when you started playing the role of Disney characters. Hopefully the rest of your days go along the lines of this one