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Week 7: 3rd time: gettin' educated

This past Friday was the third time I volunteered at Children’s. I was a little skeptical about having to take the bus downtown because the weather was pretty wicked that day. I knew it was going to be a sweet day once I stepped into I big puddle trying to make it to the bus stop. After trudging through the awesome weather I finally made it to the hospital without too much trouble. I went down and talked to Ben for a while about spring break and such and let him know when I would and wouldn’t be around to volunteer during break. After a bit, I went to the play area and started doing my thing. After a while, Charles told me that they were closing early so I was only going to be there for about an hour. I played some vids with a little fella which was fun since he was better than me and kept yelling at me for screwin’ up. Once the play area closed, I went down and it was still early so I asked if there was anything I could be doing to help out. Ben decided to get me all trained up for the patients on the various floors throughout the hospital. A girl who was a professional volunteer led me through the checklist and I learned all about standard procedures and how things worked in the different areas. I learned things ranging from where certain toys and games are kept to safety precautions with infants and children with special needs. Walking from room to room was interesting to see how kids spent some of their time. For instance, one boy was playing a football video game while another was just sitting and spending time with her family. Also, many of the children were sleeping or simply not active as it is very understandable that they would be tired. After my training I was now capable of spending time with patients themselves rather than just the siblings of these kids if needed


Dear Zachrat,

I really don't think this is you posting on this site because it sounds nothing like you. Pretty wicked haha. I am glad you are trained in on all the floors now. I always see people tag teaming it on Wednesdays I am thinking we should have volunteered together.