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5th time: she speaks spanish?

This past week at the hospital wasn’t too bad but wasn’t toooo exciting either because there weren’t many kids that day. There were only two kids in the play area when I showed up but they were pretty cool cats. I started by putting together a few puzzles with one girl which was pretty fun because she got pretty excited when we finally finished each puzzle. The finding nemo puzzle was tuff stuff even for me but she handled it pretty well and taught me a few things about puzzles too. After that I began to spend time with a girl who spoke mainly Spanish and little English. It was quite interesting as I had to pretend to be fluent in Spanish at times and think back to Mexico vacation and try to understand bits and pieces of what she was saying. Unfortunately all I learned in Mexico was how to order coronas from Pablo the greatest bartender in all of Mexico. In all seriousness though she was a very nice girl and we had a fun time playing with Polly pockets. Then a boy came in who I recognized from earlier weeks named Eli. We played a few video games together and somehow he managed to beat me every time. Let me just say… kid was skilled. Anyway, before I knew it, it was time to jet so I helped clean up and I was out.