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6th time: buzzzy day with the kids

Today was a very hectic day in the play area. I walked in and there were around 10 or 12 kids there. Charles wasn’t there either but another woman named Amy was there filling in. I started the day by spending time with two Somalia brothers who were pretty excited to have me there wanting to hang out with them. We played with cars for a while and raced them around the course we made up. After that they decided to play some video games. Amy had her hands full most of the day so I had to take on some extra responsibility which I thought was pretty cool. I ended up checking in all the kids who came in, answering phone calls, changing video games around, and just making sure things went smoothly. I enjoyed these extra jobs because it made me feel like I was helping out a lot more than just hangin’ with the kids every time. The whole day I had my hands full with one thing or another trying to spend time with each child who stopped in. Overall, it ended up being very busy but very exciting at the same time as each child was enthusiastic about having me there to spend time with them. Spending time with these kids really made me look back on my own childhood as we talked about things like ninja turtles and the coolest video games on Nintendo. The kids are always so willing to talk about anything on their mind which always keeps the volunteer experiences interesting and fun. Sometimes I just wish I could be a kid again and worry about nothing but what toy to play with.


It sounds like youve got a really cool job with all these kids always letting you know how much they enjoy your company. Thats definitely something that I can't get doing my work at Children's, which is the personal contact and feeling that your really making a difference in some kid's day. And I definately get your thought in the last sentence, couldnt be more true. Hope you enjoy the work and it doesnt get too busy too often.