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8th time: Chillin w/ the kids

The play area this past Friday was a bit empty. There were two kids I hung out with the majority of the time I was there. They were two boys; one was three and the other around four or five. They were real cool cats and real enthusiastic about everything we did. They were constantly yelling “Zach watch this� or “Zach come check this out� and that type of thing which kept me busy.
A while later another boy came in named Donovan who was eight and I could tell he had been to the play area quite a bit since he knew where everything was. He was a real good kid and well behaved so it was fun just talking to him and shooting some hoops. We stayed outside most of the time I was there because it was a hot sunny day. Talking to Donovan made me realize that it must be tough for him to keep going in and out of the hospital for his brother. He was a trooper about it though and seemed to handle the situation pretty well for an eight year old. Knowing how long some of the siblings are in the hospital visiting really can hit home in a sense because it means that their siblings are usually very sick. As I see the same faces week after week, I realize that it must be very difficult for the families as they spend extended periods of time in the hospital. Donovan kept telling me he wished I was going to be there the next day cuz he would be back and wanted to hang out again. Knowing this kind of thing makes volunteering a very rewarding thing for me and keeps me wanting to come back and help out week after week.