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# 7: gettin' my butt whooped

When I got to the hospital, I signed in and talked to Ben for a bit in the volunteer office. He got a phone call asking if anyone could deliver a gift to a boy upstairs. I said I’d go, so I went to the gift shop and got the gift. It was a bag with a bunch of balloons attached. So I took it up to the boy’s room on the 6th floor. It was kinda interesting taking a handful of balloons up in the elevator with like 5 other people in there. Once I got to the room, it was just the boy by himself. He was probably around 11 or 12 and seemed like a real normal kid. I talked to him for a little and gave him his gift bag and balloons.
When I got back down to the play area, I recognized a handful of the kids that have been there past weeks. I ended up outside for a majority of the time because it was pretty nice out. I spent sometime with a boy named Jamie playing basketball and different games. Another girl kept calling me to go on the teeter totter every 2 minutes so needless to say I’m a professional teeter totter now. I also spent time two sisters and they’re little brother. The girls had lots to talk about and they’re little brother who couldn’t really talk yet just liked cruising around in his fisher price car. One of the girls started telling me about the karate lessons she takes and started karate chopping me. Then it didn’t help that about 3 other kids thought it would be fun to start karate chopping me and gettin’ me with all sorts of Bruce Lee cross kicks and stuff. So basically I got my but kicked by a ton of little tykes. And yea, one was a girl. So I left that day with one life lesson: don’t play ruff with kids if they know karate… you just cant win.