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May 2, 2007

Week 13: 9th time runnin' around

This past Friday I decided to go up to the floors at Children’s and hang out with the kids who were being treated rather than the siblings of these kids. I wanted to do this because I thought it would be more beneficial to hang with the kids who are actually sick once in a while. I went up to one of the floors where a nurse saw me right away and asked if I could help out in one of the rooms down the hall. I went with her and the room ended up belonging to a 18 year old girl which surprised me a little bit because I expected to see a little kid in the room. The nurse brought in the game yahtzee and then told me she forgot to tell me I needed to wear a gown and gloves because she was a ‘special patient’. This kinda scared the crap out of me but it ended up being fine. The girl didn’t seem sick and apparently she was supposed to be heading home the next day. It was fun just hanging out talking with someone my own age but it was a bit ackward because she kept hitting on me the whole time. Yea… I go to volunteer at the hospital and I end up on a weird blind date for a while. Anyway, when I left the room I was stopped by a boy being pushed around in a wheel chair by anther volunteer. He stopped me because he wanted to tell me this big long story about this girl he knew which I thought was pretty funny. He then asked me to see my phone and asked if he could call his dad and say hi and tell him the story too. I told him to go for it and we looked up his number and call his pops. After this I stayed in a room with a bout who could not really talk because of his condition which made it hard to interact but I just acted like a goof ball and tried to make him laugh a bit. At the end of the day I stayed in a room to watch over two girls who had been sleeping. With my luck, once the mom left, the girls woke up and one tried booking it down the hallway so I hadta go catch her. I spend some time reading to the girls and then it was my time to hit the road.