October 12, 2004

slightly random!

Ok, so I really didn't know what to post a blog about this week because I feel like lately I've just been posting blogs on the same thing, so I'm going to start with a little incident that Pata and I witnessed last week. We were walking back from this class on Wednesday where on the sidewalk I saw a little mouse type creature. It was sooo small, quite possibly the smallest little rodent i've ever seen. Ok so we were going to try to save it but we had no where to put it and before we knew it.. the animal was in the street! We watched it and prayed that it would make it safely across when the cars started going and all of the sudden it was smushed in the middle of the road... hit by a red car. We were so totally sad! Alright so that, and now I'm going to once again go back to the topic of the election. As I said before, I changed my mind and decided to vote. I got bombarded by a group of people from the Republicans on campus telling me that I have to get on their e-mail list and that I have to vote for Bush. So my friend and I sat there and listened to them convince us to vote for Bush and got on their email listing and they send me emails EVERYDAY! I went to a meeting that they were holding, and gave it a chance. It actually informed me a lot on the standings people had. Then when I went home this past weekend, my dad and I watched the debate on Friday. Then on Sunday when I got back to school, a friend of mine gave me a speech about voting for Kerry. I decided that everyone that isn't voting, or is voting just because they can and have no idea about the issues...which used to be me... cant' complain about things that go on in the country over the next four years. Last but not least for this blog I was going to talk about my research perspectus. I think that I finally picked a topic and that is over the policy of open adoption. It's always interested me, especially since last year my English teacher was in the process of adopting and a child and I learned about the process a little bit and how at the last minute a cihld can be taken away from waiting adoptive parents. If anyone has any information on this subject or I guess was adopted, I'd love to hear about it. That's all for now, have a good night! :)

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