December 13, 2004

First Semester

Hey everyone, I'm just blogging about my first semester of college. So I've heard that the first semester of college is the toughest for a lot of people. I hope that is true! I am from Eau Claire, WI (about an hour & a half away) and came here thinking this is great, I'm going to be away from my parents and have the time of my life. Turns out, I got very homesick. I would call my parents & sister just about everynight. I missed them all so much. It was weird because I would have never thought that I would be home sick. It was a bigger adjustment than both my parents and I expected. So now as this semster is coming to an end, I'm getting use to being away from my family. I've stopped going home every weekend...instead I go about every other...haha. I still call my mom almost everynight, but thats just cus I love her;-) As far as classes, I feel like I'm still adjusting to the difference between high school and college classes. I've done pretty well this semester but I'm hoping that I can do better next semester since I kind of know what I'm getting into. Anyways, this first semester has defintly been a growing experience. See you all in class:)

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