December 20, 2004

Good Story

I dont know what this has to do with anything but i just was writing about country singers and i had a good story to tell so i figured i would tell it to you all.
The big thing in my school for homecoming and other things is to paint a railroad bridge that a big highway by the town i went to school in goes under. On the night of my high school graduation me and a bunch of friends decided to paint it because we had nothing better to do. We went up there and if you have ever heard of the band "Big and Rich" they have a song called "Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy" so we painted that on the bridge and on the other side we wrote Rednecks '04 because we were rednecks and we graduated in 2004. The reason this is relevant is because a week later there was a country music station in my area that was talking about it on the radio and then they played that song. I just thought that that was cool and i thought i would tell you all the story.

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