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July 24, 2005

Wi-Fi Connection Theft

Recently the theft of home Wi-Fi connections has been becoming more and more prominent. Many of these thefts can be prevented with a few precautions however a majority of users have chosen not to take them. This can lead to problems and stories like the one below.

This story was found in the Star Tribune

Here is the link: Man charged with stealing home Wi-Fi Connections

The story is about a man who was arrested for using another persons wireless internet connection. It is reported that this was the first criminal case involving the fairly common practice. They are prosecuting Benjamin Smith on charges of unauthorized access to a computer network which is a third degree felony. Benjamin Smith was reported by Richard Dinon who noticed him sitting in an SUV outside of his home using a laptop computer.

Many times the illegal use of Wi-Fi connections goes unnoticed. The article states that illegal use is used to traffic child pornography, steal credit card information, and send death threats.

So what should we learn from such a story?

It is essential that you turn on encryption or require the use of passwords for your wireless network.

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