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July 29, 2005

Wallets found at barracks provide trip back in time

July 26 Chicago Tribune

Have you ever lost a wallet? Maybe youíll get it back in 60 years. Thatís what happened to Willard Groth of Hoyt Lakes. Heís 81 years old now, but he was a young Army private in 1944 when his wallet, and the $20 it contained, disappeared.

His was one of 25 wallets that was found in the heating ducts of an old military barracks in California. Because all of the wallets had one thing in common, a lack of cash, the Army theorizes that the wallets had been stolen and stashed there by the thief. More interesting, however, are the items that were left in the wallets. Driverís licenses, dog-tags, and even tips for surviving an atomic blast.

Willard Groth may have lost his 20 bucks, but what he got back is priceless.

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