July 30, 2004


I haven't been posting on the blog for almost two weeks. I know that I need to make that up. But looking back the previous weeks, I have been through a lot of school work. Two of my summer classes at MCTC were done and Rhet 3562W is almost going to its ending. I am a little bit impressived by my self for taking all three summer classes in the previous 10 weeks. I have worked on the following works, which made me so proud of my self.
Cross Culture Literature:
Journal paper: 12 journals
In class writing: 3 pieces
Midterm paper: 6 pgs
Final paper: 7pgs
Class presentation: 1 presentaion on a short story
Chapter quiz: 17 quizes
Exam: 5 exams
Application paper: 3 pieces
In class comment cards: 24 pieces
Rhet 3562...not need to be listed, you guys know what we've done so far.

It's getting to the end. I just have two words can describe myself: feeling great!


Posted by yuan0042 at July 30, 2004 2:41 PM