August 2, 2004

It's all done!

I am just so glad that I am done with the whole moving process, which lasted for 3 days and couple more hours. Afterall, I would say moving is such a pain!
I wasn't able to rent a truck from U-haul because it's the season for people to move and they have too many reservations, that's understandable. The thing made me so mad was: I made my reservation online, and I've paid some $$ as a service fee, and it said on the web that they would contact me by 5:00pm before the day of my moving. I waited till 6:00pm and not receiving any calls from them, so I called over, a person put me on hold for half an hour and I still didn't talk to anyone from U-Haul. Checking back my credit card account, the service fee have been charged and it's unrefundable. Hey! I didn't get any services, why charged me? That's how they making money by collecting the services charge and not serve u?! I am so disapointed.
So finally, I got help from 2 cars and a mini van making 7 trips to move all my stuff to the new apartment...
My advice is make sure you have a truck to help you move before you decide to move.

Posted by yuan0042 at August 2, 2004 2:29 PM