June 30, 2004

For Paxton

Thought of Paxton's project when I saw this article on accessibility. It's worth a gander for any of you who are interested in web design.

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June 29, 2004

Regrets about research project...

Wow, the more I try to read on my topic (dollarization), the more I think I'm not suited for my major (economics). There are so many things involved that it gets a little daunting, especially when there are formulas and heavy graphs thrown in out of nowhere.

Still, I do think its interesting, so the paper seems to be going fairly well thus far. I've got more material than I can read, so I don't think I'll be heading back to the library or anything, which is nice.

So, in sum, I have some regrets but all things considered its going fairly well.

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June 28, 2004

Nice Work!

I received the class email, and I would say a "Wow!" to all that Sohaila have done. Her preprations are great, they really help me reading the class materials. I am really appreciated! ^^

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Sample Proposal

Hey, everyone, here's a sample proposal (PDF) that you can use as a model for formatting (headings, body text, etc.) if you like. Take a look at it!

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Brief introduction by sohaila R.

Hi everyone!
First of all, I would like to introduce myself briefly since I had to miss the first night of class. My name is Sohaila and I have lived in Minnesota for almost 15 years. I live in a southern suburb Town, Burnsville, MN. Perhaps you can tell that I have a long driving time to come to school, although I have been used to it by now. My ultimate goal is to teach science courses in Public Health.

Second, you might be wondered why I am blogging this late. Clearly I have a good excuse! "my family and especially my son," take a good number of my productive hours during the day in addition to my studing time.

I hope you all be well prepared for class peer review tomarrow.
Good luck on your Proposal !

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June 25, 2004

Clinton's Book

Hey guys,
Did you guys watch the Opera show on Monday with President Clinton? The entire show was about his new book. I am not sure whether you guys watched the entire show or not but his speech was kind of wired when he talked about Monica. I think he still have feelings for her because he kept talking about how much he wants her to be successful. It sounds wired to me because this guy almost lost his marriage because of her and he still talks about the person who destroyed his life?

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Iowa for the weekend

Well, I have to admit I'm trying to get my 2 posts in at once. The internet has been down in my building for the past few days and I was finally able to sign on at 11 this morning. I will also be leaving tonight for a wedding in Iowa. Because I have a terrible memory with names I thought it might be nice to have a little refresher from the first day:
Name: Laura
Year: Senior
Major: Art and Pre-Arch, will hopefully be going back for Interior Design
From: Phelps, WI (way up north) but lived in Iowa the past two years (Coe College) I have only been at the U since last Aug. so I am still pretty new to the area. If anyone has any suggestions for some fun stuff to do this summer, let me know. Anyway, I have to go to work but I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

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Ever been stuck in traffic?

I am doing my project on the road congestion in the twin cites and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for transportation changes that could be made. Or even if you have opinions of things that are already being proposed or done (Lightrail or toll lanes). Thanks!

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June 24, 2004

Exciting preliminary research!

The trip to the library yesterday got me to start looking for information for the final project a lot earlier than I usually would. I've used the library system's website extensively to look for sources in other classes and have always been pleased with the amount of information that it offers. I never thought, however, to look too deeply into the index listings. I mainly checked LexisNexis because it was very complete and had sufficient info about the generally bland topics I was researching. Now that I'm writing a more involved treatise on my major -- graphic design -- I decided to see if there were indexes with information specific to my field. Lo and behold, there were!I guess I just never saw the "More Specific Subject Listings" category before. I guess you really do learn something new every day. I would recommend this resource to those of you who might be looking for scholarly sources because it makes it easier to find stuff about topics that are somewhat obscure or specialized.

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I really liked this documentary called "Super Size Me". It's by this guy named Morgan Spurlock and, for any who haven't heard about it, he goes on a 30-day McDonald's binge to prove that the food is injurious to your health. I don't know that McDonald's should bear the guilt of a nation of fat people, but I know that I won't be going to McDonald's for some time after seeing that movie.

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June 23, 2004

Testing out UThink and Find It! Option

Testing out the "Post this citation to your blog on UThink" option on Find it! enabled indexes. I love this thing!

I am the man! Performing gender and other incongruities

Author: Sennett Jay J
From: Journal of homosexuality
Date: 2003
Volume: 43
Issue: 3/4
ISSN: 0091-8369
Pages: 39-47

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Check this website

College of Human Ecology
Hey guys,
My final project is based on CHE website and can you guys please check this website. If you can answer this questions, it will be helpfull.
What do you guys think about this websites overall design, color ....? Do you think this website is easy to use? Do you think this website helps you to know more about graphic design and other majors?

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Paxton's Progress

Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I found a website that talks about why the websites should be accessible and I also found a PDF documnet by the ADA on accessible design. I also got the phone number of Disability services here at the University and I plan on calling them and visiting them tomorrow and getting information from them.


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Rhetoric 1152

Hi all, hope you're doing well...
On Monday class Clancy mentioned about Logos, Ethos and Pathos, from that I remember the class that I took last semster, because I learnt those terms from that class, which is Rhet 1152: Writing on Issue of Science and Technology. Before I took this class, I thought it would be hard and boring. But then I found that I've learnt a lot on scientific research, and also a lot on current scientific issue. I've learnt more than I expected! The instructor, John Logieis a very nice person! I highly recommend you to take this class if you're interested in scientific research!

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Hi, everyone.
I was trying so hard to think of anything to write down here. I am taking 2 other classes besides Rhet 3562, I am trying to think to something fun to share with you guys.

The city of Minneapolis is having a program called "Mosaic", it's a summer art and music festival takes place every year from June to July. This program is trying to celebrate all of the ways we express ourselves and our cultural traditions through the arts. From parades to performances, to festivals to food
It's summer time, douns exciting? Here's the site you can get more information. Also, you can check the scheduel to see what activities you could join. Have fun in the summer!
and it's the time of the year we should go out and enjoy the sun. But, we have a T-storm warning this afternoon in the metro area, hope it won't last too long to effect tonight's class. and hope you all get to class safely.

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hello, or also "why i haven't been in class"

Hey all,

So this is my first post (hope it works). Sorry I haven't been in class this week at all. I worked on the 48hour film project all weekend, which basically means I stayed up for forty hours straight filming a short movie, slept 6 hours, and then got up and finished filming pick-up shots. This was all done from Friday at 7pm until the drop-off at 7:16pm on Sunday. It was crazy but also really fun. The film we made is screening tonight at St. Anthony Main Theatre. I'm super excited to see it on the big screen! There is actually an article in this week's Pulse magazine (which came out today) about my team. Pick it up if you get the chance. Needless to say, I overworked myself and got sick. But recovery is going well and I will see you all next week!

p.s. you can hopefully soon see my team's movie, "The Auburn Avenger," at www.48hourfilm.com

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What is the differences between Prose cue and Graphical cue, and how are they related to each other.

Few days a go,i posted this question.The answers to the question can be found on page 68 of our corse book.It states:Prose cue is a statement or phrase that tells the readers where the writer is going next.Where as Grpahical cue is a design element such as bullet or indentation that directs reader's eyes to the information or signals how that information relates to ther materials around it.

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June 22, 2004

Question about proposal

Hi, clancy,
Plan: How much time will it take to implement your solution?

What would you exactly mean by the following statements ?

Audience analysis: How does the audience for your final report currently view
your topic?

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of this trance group called 4 Strings. They're actually really good. I happen to think that trance is a really great genre of music, because it sort of inflates itself with a lot of drama. There are a lot of really good songs on the 4 Strings album "Believe" and I was just wondering if anyone else has heard it.

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Good Job Girls

Hi everyone! This is Jennas, I just want to say thank you to Amy and Pam for the good job on yesterday night! Good luck to the presenter for tomorrow!

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June 21, 2004

Hey guys,
Sorry for not posting anything for last week. i was so busy over the weekends because i was moving out from my mom's house. How was your weekends guys? i hope you all had fun on fathers day.

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Impeach Bush

Hi all,

Just wanted to talk about this great double sided country we live in. The 911 commission has found that Iraq had no connections to the 911 attacks. Yet we have let the lying president still be in the White house. We as Americans have no problem for impeaching a president for having an affair. So why can't we impeach a president for lying to us about WMD and who is still sending Americans to be killed in a country that had nothing to do with 911 still sit in the white house??????? Think about it people.


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Hey everyone! It's Pam here. I just wanted to say hello. I hope you all had a good weekend. I didn't do much, just basically relaxed and it was very laid back, which was something I needed. I got to see my dad and take him to lunch for Father's Day which was very nice. Anyways nothing much is going on just finishing up some homework. I have to give my first speech tomorrow in my other Rhetoric class. Wish me luck! I will see you all tomorrow night.


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June 20, 2004

A bit more professional than the next

From my last comment. I have one more final thought. Within the realms of corporate culture for which much of this professional writing is the showcase, there is a sense of astranged psychology at work; possibly brainwashing employees. Often is the case in the corporate setting one is required to dress professionally. Besides the clear explanation of this setting an impression upon those who we do business with, there is supposed current research supporting professional dress in the work place provides better efficency of work. Now my friend is required to wear a dress shirt, tie and suit coat at the Target corporation. If effiecency is the ultimate goal why not remove the human and replace with robotics in the workplace? Or maybe we already are?

Side note: I am basically just writing unintelligiable jargon and please think not I am against busness in the way I write. Actually, I am against the way business is currently conducted with the primarly focus being more the bottom line and profit margins less the human. Business, in essence being the exchange of goods and services between individuals is not corrupt, however how we people, who often are corrupt, implement this commerce is how business becomes a destructive money machine turning people into a factor of production. This is bad.

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Corporate Culture

Does anyone feel the corporate culture is dehumantizing and conforming a community with a fasade of cohesiveness; but in acutality is a force of isolation producing a destructive machine eating the inner gisards of our creativity tis what demarks our individuality? Just a question. Nothing more. And this is coming from a business teacher. Pretty obtuse huh?

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June 17, 2004

More on Memos

As you recall, in class we touched on the memos involved in the Challenger disaster. They include the O-ring memo and the flight seal memo. Let's devote a little class time Monday to talking about these. Many have argued that the message should have been clearer, that the communicators writing the memos should have said very clearly: "We strongly recommend that the launch of the Challenger should be postponed until we can repair the O-rings." What do you think?

Also, I mentioned the torture memos; read the articles I link to if you'd like to find out more about them.

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My first weblog entry

This blogging isn't too bad. And that's my first entry.

-Derek Johnson

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June 16, 2004


Hello! Everyone. I am Jing. Even though we all introduced ourselves in the first class, I think many of us might not remember all the others. Here's my self-introduction, again...
Name: Jing Yuan
Major: Applied Economics
Years in school: junior
Interests: watching TV + movies, playing video games, shopping...
From: China. I've been to American for 4 years, and I graduated from Minnetonka High School, then attending the U.(why i just couldn't get out of MN??)

This is my first Rhet class in my entire life. I always feel a little bit stressful taking Rhet class. In my own opinion, Rhetoric = professional writing, I am not good at writing(even in my native language), and I won't attempt to be professional... Hope I could start feeling comfortable as the class goes on. And hope I could know all of you better by the end of this class. ^^

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Trial Blog

here is my trial blog. Apparently it worked.

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Test post

Hi, everybody,

I am just testing to make sure my post will make it to the weblog!!

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Introduction to Ben

I thought I would use this test post to showcase some of my design work. I have a website called Liquid Chroma Design that I use as a design alter ego and online portfolio. I don't update it all that frequently and it's pretty basic, but feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

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Test post

How to code a link:


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My Website

Hey check this 10 year old web page pretty cool huh....lol

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Testing Blog!!!!

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test blog

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June 13, 2004


Hi, everyone! This is our class weblog, a space for you to talk about anything you like. The only requirement is that you post at least twice per week (more often is better). Post about your research interests/major, muse about the writing process, find other weblogs you like and link to them, vent about how stressed you are, anything goes. :-)

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