July 30, 2004

Rainy Day

It started rainy around 2:00pm today. Sad~~~ It was so nice this morning thou, I am sooooooo miss the Sun that shined on the sky this morning...
Anyway, things don't change because the weather changes. I've been moving for couple weeks (the process started couple weeks ago), planning, packing, unpacking...I even feel sick (or maybe excited) about the moving, I'm sleepless and tired.
Sigh...It is the time to regrect about I brought so many stuff, and now I have to move them even I have threw away a 5'3" height gabage bag with the things I don't want them anymore.
Hope the following moving process will go smoothly. And also hope the Sun will come out soon. Keep the fingers cross! ^^

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I haven't been posting on the blog for almost two weeks. I know that I need to make that up. But looking back the previous weeks, I have been through a lot of school work. Two of my summer classes at MCTC were done and Rhet 3562W is almost going to its ending. I am a little bit impressived by my self for taking all three summer classes in the previous 10 weeks. I have worked on the following works, which made me so proud of my self.
Cross Culture Literature:
Journal paper: 12 journals
In class writing: 3 pieces
Midterm paper: 6 pgs
Final paper: 7pgs
Class presentation: 1 presentaion on a short story
Chapter quiz: 17 quizes
Exam: 5 exams
Application paper: 3 pieces
In class comment cards: 24 pieces
Rhet 3562...not need to be listed, you guys know what we've done so far.

It's getting to the end. I just have two words can describe myself: feeling great!


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July 29, 2004

A song I like

I really like this song by Portishead called "Wandering Star." It's got a really eerie sound to it that turns extra eerie (some might even dare to say super eerie) when you listen to it late at night. Anyways, that's it, I've really got nothing to write about.

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July 28, 2004

From Class Tonight

Where Computers Go to Die

See also Recycling Poison: Inside China's E-Waste Workshops

And those stories on brands/identity systems: The Inner Doughboy and part two of the story, The Mr. Peanut Chronicles.

Oh, and I wanted to add that, as you recall, Ben mentioned that the University of Minnesota is one of only about eight universities in the country to have a blog initiative like UThink (I know Harvard and the University of South Florida have blog systems too, but I'm not aware of the others). Well, it's highly likely that you guys are the first class -- definitely among the first, at any rate -- to use it for a course weblog. We're making history in our little way.

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July 27, 2004

summer class

I donít know about you guys but for me, this summer is going way faster than I thought. This summer is my first time taking summer classes. I took two classes during May session and I am almost done with Rhetoric 3562W. The one thing I like about summer class is, it is only 8 weeks and the time goes faster.

Good luck you guys with your presentations.

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This is not the time for blogging

Given that the class is sort of wrapping up pretty rapidly and everything, and since I have to give my presentation tomorrow (I trust you are all excited about dollarization), I have to admit that blogging hasn't been at the top of my list of things to do.

By the way, Paxton, I don't like the Beastie Boys -- they're hacks. But to each his own, right?

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July 26, 2004

Paxton's 2nd Favorite Song

Hey all,

Here are the lyrics to my second favorite song.

Brass Monkey

I will post more favorite song lyrics later.


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July 23, 2004

my feet hurt so bad

i wasn't in class on wednesday because i had an interview for a make up artist position at a 2 day laura mercier event at nordstroms. today was day one and my feet hurt so bad from standing all day on hard tile floor! i had a lot of fun and overall the day went really well; i'm looking forward to going back tomorrow (not to mention they're paying me well, yeah!). so if anyone is going to be around nordstroms tomorrow come down to the make up counters and
say hi!


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July 22, 2004

KFC chickens

BBC News
Did you guys saw the news on Tuesday about KFC? The people who worked in West Virginia got fired for abusing chickens. What is wearied about this news is that, there was a video that shows these workers slamming the chickens on the wall and on the table. When I saw the video I could not believe how somebody does something like this. The only thing KFC did was fire the workers who got involved in this incident. I think these workers should be locked up because they donít look normal to me. If you guys what to know more about the news, click BBC News.

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July 21, 2004

Working with Kids

One of my worst fears was working with kids because I am not good working with kids. This summer I got work-study so I start working for American Reads. The American reads program is a free program for kids who leave around south Minneapolis area. This program is mainly targeted towards kids for whom English is their second language. Some of you might wonder why I took this job, the reason I took this job is because I want to help kids and challenge my self. We have 30-35 kids in one room from age 4 Ė 13. I have to work with 30 kids everyday can you believe it? Some of the kids donít even write or read their names. The good thing about this program is that it is a short summer program and this program will be over tomorrow the 22nd. What surprises me is that within a short period of time, some of the kids start writing and socializing with other kids.

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Hey group. Just wanted to let you know that the instruction set has been successfully prepared and printed for class (minus the page describing all of the pieces). I pretty much just re-formatted the original and made the pictures larger. If we were missing anything before, let me know asap! -Laura

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Cool Laura D's

Well I was bored at work so I searched my name on the internet. Turns out there are some pretty cool Laura Dawson's out there and I'm not one of them :). I thought Jessi and Clancy might be interested in these. The first one, lauradawson.com, is fashion design site and the other, www.glasscatjewels.com, is funky jewlery. I'm at work so I don't know how to make those links, so sorry!

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Is everyone the same?

Sorry about that last post...I acidentlly hit the save button.

Here is a question for the Graphic design and fashion experts in our class. Has everyone become the same, in the style of dress and the design of clothes?
I see so many of the same replicated American Eagle and Abercrombie Fitch people with the same styles. Boys often where some kind of cargo shorts, white shoes, fossil watch and gel there hair, however the new trend has been to grow your hair long as a guy. Girls all where a tank top, halter top and a wavy skirt, often this is a mini skirt. I believe I pose this question because I recently went to the Mall of America and saw guys and girls relatively wearing the same style of clothes for there gender.

Then you have those artisy alternative types who desire to look all different and "modern" but really within there own group, they have all become the same. We all produced style clicks with certain groups of people.

-Dave jOhn

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Is everyone the same?

Posted by enge0385 at 12:46 PM

Did anyone see the news

Did anyone see the news about Lance Armstrong?
I come to a mindset of half doubt, but yet I think how misleading the media can be with there gimicks, especially the british guy who is writing a book on this topic. They claim Lance Armstrong at one time used a form of steroids. However, he has never tested positive. If Rhetoric is the art of speaking and writing well; the media has mastered the art of misleading and twisting the stories behind people.

-Dave jOhn Engelhart I

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real hot in a fake world

What about Bobby Fischer?

On another note:
This summer has been crazy hot and I have been stuck indoors writing papers for my various classes. This is the misfortune of summer school however hopefuly I will fininsh soon and be in the "real world".
I find this funny often people always talk about the "real world" outside of academia especially in my business education courses. They act like even teaching is not a real world job with real world experiences. What is a real world experience? Is this where you sit in the 27th floor of the Wells Fargo Tower downtown in a cubicle for some company. Believe me, I had this experience and this is far from what I would hope to be the real world. Is that experience is real, I hope to be fake my whole life.

-Dave jOhn Engelhart

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July 20, 2004

Chapter 13

Paxton and I will be leading the discussion on professional presentation chapter.It is quite intresting,and straight forward chapter.we are planning to make it interactive and lively as possible,so come prepared.Also go over fig 13.1 on page 372.

Posted by abdi0034 at 6:04 PM

"Ben's not here, man."

As you all will probably notice, I won't be in class on Wednesday. Don't worry, I have a valid excuse. I'm playing in a battle of the bands in Montevideo that night and we have to leave at like 2:30 to set up. I'm backing my friend Emily who just released a new CD and needed a band. You can check out her first CD (which she kind of disavows now) here. Beware—it's country so many of you may not be interested; I know it's not exactly the most popular genre. However, we try to keep it better than most modern country by opening with "Rock and Roll" by Zeppelin and covering a Zwan (Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins' latest project) song. If anybody's REALLY interested, we're playing a huge concert in August.

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July 18, 2004

Roosta Cruza ain't going nowhere without a mad set of instructions

derek i know you're reading this right now, are we getting together to write instructions? and abhijit, i'm calling you in 3 seconds about our instructions so be ready to pick up the phone and we'll plan a time/place. so derek, kevin, and laura feel free to call abhijit or me (i don't have your numbers) and we will gladly tell you where to meet us tonight and we will have a fabu time doing a little technical writing. see ya!


Posted by dery0003 at 3:41 PM

For Abhijit, the Doubter

Abhijit thought that I was inventing words last class period, specifically the word verbiage. Since I am an enormously petty man with just as enormous amounts of time on my hands, I looked up his word and found this:

/ver'b*j/ A deliberate misspelling and
mispronunciation of verbiage that assimilates it to the word
"garbage". Compare content-free. More pejorative than

Since I think Abhijit thinks I can't pronounce words (which is true, but not in this case), Encarta's dictionary pronounces it for you:

Pronunciation of "Verbiage"

On a completely unrelated note, did anyone hear about Bobby Fischer? Weird stuff.

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July 17, 2004

How I Hit a Car on Thurs.

I was driving home on Thursday and I hit this other person's car, not like full-on collision or anything but enough to scratch up part of my car and probably dent her's. I usually don't really pay much attention to yield signs, because I'm fairly certain they should be optional, but this one I honestly didn't see, so I went past it and part of my car was in the street (I was coming out of a parking lot). A woman's car was ahead of me and this guy in a truck then came up behind me so that the front left corner of my car was sort of wedged between their cars (this is getting harder to explain). We were at a standstill for a while, but then the woman started creeping forward, and so did the guy, but my corner is in front of him, so I started moving forward, too, but then he honked his horn at me, so I look back at him and, in the process, didn't see the woman in front of me stop her car, so the corner of my car hit her back end. She got out of her car and I rolled down my window and she started with this really unnecessary tone, "What the hell are ya' doin'? You have a yield sign!" and I was like, wow, stress is coming on now, and then the guy in the truck who had honked, who I hadn't hit, started screaming at me out of his car and stuff. I used some pretty unseemly language towards him, as by this point the stress was pretty thick, and then the woman went back in her car and drove off, which left me kind of wondering if this meant I was doing a hit and run, since I wasn't about to like track her down or anything. The guy in the truck kept going in the same direction as me, though, and we both pulled up side-by-side at the next red light and he kept yelling out of his car, which I responded to with a few volleys of more unseemly language. I don't know if this is a really climactic story, but it really left me pretty frayed for the rest of the day.

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Odd Song reference part II

Hey All,

Yup....I hope you all read Ben's post. So here is my post. I found the lyrics to my song Baby got back. The lyrics can be found at http://www.lyricmania.com/l3074 We also found out that Derek was also listening to Sir Mix A Lot on the bus and he didn't even comment on it....how rude....just kidding Derek. Any additional comments about Sir Mix A Lot and my song is most welcome....I think we should all go to a Karoke night and sing that song....maybe Clancy will take us on a field trip to a Karoke bar. Later my peeps


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July 16, 2004

It's Friday~~

It's Friday again~~ Yeah~~just couple weeks later, we can really enjoy the summer vocation.
Just received a Diana Krall new CD, which is her sixth album. Maybe not all of you know who Diana Krall is. Let me tell you a little bit about her... Diana Krall is the best jazz vocalist ever in the century (in my opinion). She has become the top selling jazz vocalist on the Verve roster. She has a great voice, soft, clear, which gives the audiences very comfortable feelings.
Her new album is called "The Girl in The Other Room", which includes 12 tracks. A CD cover with her playing piano shows her musical talent. It's a great CD, if anyone who wants to know more about her or listen to the tracks can go to her office website:www.dianakrall.com

By the way, Diana Krall is also doing a tour in different states. She will come to Minnesota on 8/11 and perform in the Northrop Auditorium. Tickets are on sale now. If you like her, you must go see this.


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July 15, 2004

It's me!

Hi everyone, I just realize that thoughout the last 2 years, I've done a lot of school projects and most of the topics I chose are related to China. I've done "Globalization and China", "American and Chinese Agricultural Development Comparison", "Chinese Medicine", "Smoking and Health in China", "Hunger in China" and finally in this class "Air Pollution in China", isn't that crazy? Maybe I just really want to let my friends in America know more about what's happening in my country.

- jeeeee

Posted by cheu0056 at 12:24 PM

One more weekend away

Yet another weekend that I am not in Minnesota. Last weekend was WI this weekend Iowa. I'm really starting to get frustrated that I am in my apartment only to sleep. My paper is coming along, however with an 8 week class it feels pretty rushed. Can you believe we only have 3 weeks left! I would like to thank everyone that replyed to my post on traffic congestion and if anyone still wants to rant, I'm open to it. I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck with all of your projects. Gotta get back to work. Laura

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July 14, 2004

Odd song reference, Part I

On the bus ride back from class Paxton, Abdi, Helen, and myself were stumped about the title of the imfamous Sir Mix-A-Lot song. Yes, we figured out that it was "Baby Got Back." Paxton thought we could do a little blog-series about that song. I believe he'll have more on that later.

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I don't really want to talk about anything related to the class right now. I'd rather just talk a little bit about my favorite movie (or, more precisely, one of my favorite movies), Magnolia. It's a P.T. Anderson movie that's really, really good. I like the way the camera shots are really continuous, and I think the plot is pretty involved. My favorite part, though, which I just thought about and which made me want to write this, is towards the end of the movie when these frogs are raining down and there's an ambulance that's racing at such a speed that it tips. The shot is from inside the ambulance and you see all the papers and people inside and everything just get sucked to one side as it rolls. Basically, I've never seen any part of a movie that's quite as amazing. I'd definitely recommend it -- anyone would like Tom Cruise after seeing it. And that's my second blog this week, for anyone keeping score.

Posted by john6507 at 10:37 PM

For Sohaila

I did a little digging for you, Sohaila, and I found six job ads for positions in public health at universities. You should look at all of them, but especially these:

The school of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is offering several tenure-track positions.

Here's a job not as a professor, but it's still worth looking at just for the criteria they're setting forth.

Oh, and here's another good one. Looks like they really want applicants to have lab research experience.

Posted by ratli008 at 9:41 PM

Dilbert Games

Dilbert Mission Statement Generator

Dilbert Performance Review Generator

Corporate buzzwords can be effective in small doses. The key is to communicate meaning. These games offer you a way to write something meaningless:

You have to review the performance of a co-worker who exhibits the intelligence of a slug, but since today's incompetent co-worker could become tomorrow's incompetent boss, you don't want to say anything offensive. Do you lie?

Solve the problem with Catbert's Performance Review Generator! Its vague sentences can be interpreted as praise by your dimwitted co-worker, but you'll know that "you would be lucky to get him to work for you" means he never works."

But, the verb wordbank in the Mission Statement Generator can be a good resource for avoiding nominalizations and passive voice. :-)

Posted by ratli008 at 7:46 PM

Colloquial Language

Personally, I enjoyed Clancy's southern sayings. These sayings are interesting how they come to be. For instance, it is interesting how these saying stay with some people over time.

Posted by enge0385 at 7:42 PM

My presentation

Sorry If my presentation offered a luke warm appeal. I would have made it more interactive but I did not know how long the class could endure before a break.
Anyway, hopefully it was slightly informative.
-Dave Engelhart

Posted by enge0385 at 7:27 PM

My Post Again....


Its me again....how is life?.....Our group project is great. I think we have to retake the pictures again however. I have an interview with one of the people in Disability Services tomorrow. I am making slow but steady progress on my paper. Until my next post have a great day.


Posted by casim003 at 6:03 PM


Download file

Posted by enge0385 at 6:02 PM

On Structuring Research Reports

I'm going to be showing this site in class this evening; if you get a chance, look at it before class. It provides a good overview of the ways various kinds of reports are structured.

Posted by ratli008 at 3:21 PM

Designing documents

As a complement to our presentation on design last week I thought I would reveal some tricks from an ancient discipline that can immeasurably improve how documents (or papers) are viewed. Yes, I'm talkin' about TYPOGRAPHY! Little details like the things discussed in this article (the first part is about posters, but the rest is useful) can elevate the quality of text beyond its content. The AIGA (the professional group for graphic design) has a section on its website devoted entirely to obsessive stuff about type. There's even a big annual festival called TypeCon where design nerds get together to talk about letters for a few days. It was in Minneapolis last year. All the little rules discussed in those articles not only make stuff you write look cool; they also make it easier to read, which is always good. So, check them out and you can learn to avoid things like

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July 12, 2004


I've always hated golf, but I got a set of clubs over the weekend since my dad decided I need to develop a talent and since I never turn down anything that he'll buy for me. I haven't golfed or anything in three years, though, so when I came home to try to smash some balls into this pond (swamp, really, but I like to make it sound a little more idyllic than it is) behind my house, I just smashed a bunch of grass and dirt. I then went to the driving range and did the same thing there. I realized that this was the cause of my major back pain (which I was thinking must be my wickedly curved spine or something), which gives an idea of the level of rigorous exercise I engage in regularly. I think I need to sign up for lessons or something, which is kind of a downer since it makes me feel even more childish.

Posted by john6507 at 10:31 PM

Noam Chomsky's Blog

Here's a link to Turning the Tide, Noam Chomsky's blog. (I promised to post it, as Chomsky's name came up in one of the groups tonight.) It's good stuff; I encourage you to check it out!

Posted by ratli008 at 9:32 PM


Hi, everyone,

I like to know some of your experiences with antibiotics, if any? on Thursday I had my wisdom tooth pullled. Very painful procedures! many injections and lots of pain afterward. on the other hand, my unpleasent reaction to the Amoxycillin made me go through a tough time. I am just wondering what type of reactions, either physical or emotional has anybody experienced toward use of any sort of antibiotics? What I am trying to do is just a tiny survey.

See you in class--Sohaila

Posted by rahi0004 at 4:35 PM

7/12 Blod...

Shoot! I deleted the blod I just finished typing!!! Anyways, I'll start ove.

What should I put down here? I have been thinking it for at lease 2 days. (I signed in yesterday, wanted to finish my blod for this week. I had nothing to put down.) Recently I am struggling with 3 classes, I seriously don't have anything that's interesting to share with you. I don't have any research interests unless it's gonna be used for the classes. So, what shoul I write down here? Or I should ask what you want to know from me?
Should I tell you that I have 1 exam, 2 quizes, 4 papers, 15+ hours work needed to complete this week? Maybe you should find it interesting to see me look like a panda with black circles around my eyes next week.
I started using this blog as my personal online journal, juts this once, hope you don't mind. -_-!

Posted by yuan0042 at 4:19 PM

School #3

Well this morning I spent an hour on the phone with the Colorado Institute of Art and Design. Due to a business venture, I might be relocating myself to Denver next spring or so. I have never been there so if anyone can give me any info, that would be amazing. This would be my 3rd college which is really annoying but all I have heard about Denver is that it is a great city. So if just let me know your feelings or opinions, it will help me to finalize my plans. Thanks!

Posted by daws0068 at 4:10 PM

CHE website

Hi Paxton,
I am not sure whether you remember this or not but two weeks ago we were talking about U of M websites. You said that you meet or saw the person who designs the CHE website. If you know him or if he is, your friend please let know because I have a lot of question that I want to ask him for my final paper. Thanks

Posted by asfa0002 at 12:29 PM

July 11, 2004

Chapter 8- super useful for our lego projects


i'm giving the presentation on chapter 8 tomorrow - i hope you all have answers ready when i ask a question:) - and i think it is going to be a really helpful chapter for our lego instruction projects. it gives great pointers on how to write technical data. i write journal article summaries for www.informedesign.com and a lot of the editing tips in the book are things i have to watch out for all the time. so there's my plug for chapter, happy reading!

Posted by dery0003 at 10:44 PM


My Dear friend Mr. Johnson (and my other classmates, for whom this post is truly addressed),

When you some times read Bret Easton Ellis novels, do you find yourself wishing that you were the main character in each of his novels? Actually, I think the word Ďidentifyí is more appropriate. Regardless, I would like to say that I feel no such connection with any of the characters that Ellis depicts in his biting foibles of American life. For those of you who are confused by this blog, I should point out that it is indeed a confusing post, however, allow me to present my argument: I donít think that Dieselboy is a real band, but rather a comic book super hero, whom Dereke has created.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend; I will see you Monday night. Donít smoke in bars, unless you smoke, at least for now.

Posted by misr0005 at 8:38 PM

July 10, 2004

These blogs are starting to stress me out. I've been staring at my screen for like twenty minutes trying to think of something to write down, but not a lot is coming to mind. I tried to imitate some of the other posts on this site, but nothing came to fruition. I didn't really do anything today, either, though I did get a CD (by Dieselboy) and it's kind of got a really gritty sound to it. The title of it is totally lame, though, so I'm not writing it down. So I've got like six lines here or so, so I think that counts as a pretty solid blog.

Posted by john6507 at 10:45 PM

July 9, 2004


Hello! I run into this while doing research for the final project,the thing is suppose you want to cite some report which was cited by the article you are reading/researching,ie. you want to cite a report which was cited from other article, will you attribute/credit the citation to the report you cited from, or from the original report which was cited by the citer?complicated,huh?.Maybe i need to be more clear on this.

Posted by abdi0034 at 11:55 AM

For Abhijit

Saw this article and thought of Abhijit's project.

Posted by ratli008 at 8:50 AM

July 7, 2004

Beyond the ideas

Many a time, one as I, have a great number of close to extrodinary ideas floating within my imagination. Some have been marked down to paper and some have not. My fundamental problem is there are far to many to concentrate on one clear focus. I did once take time to write one of these little gems to paper and currently am revising the book I wrote for publishing, but I have much, and a many more to say before what is seen passes away.
I would hope the end result of my work on earth, not to be, ambition and innovation without action.
To bid a short farewell til the next moment of my corespondence,

Dave jOhn Engelhart I

Posted by enge0385 at 6:31 PM


I saw the movie "Monster" over the weekend, and I have to say I was a little let down. I expected big things from the movie, since it had won so many awards and was so critically acclaimed. All in all, though, I don't think it really needed to win "Best Picture." I think it was an interesting film, but I frankly don't care about the protagonist's rough experiences and don't exactly empathize when she goes on a violent rampage. Though the soundtrack is really good, since BT did it, and BT is a genius.

Posted by john6507 at 5:23 PM

Chapter 10

Hey all. Thought I would give you a little prep for our presentation tonight. Abhijit and I are working on Chapter 10 which is writing research reports. If you could think of a research paper that you have done recently or even bring it in, that would be great. I will see you all tonight. Enjoy this beautiful fall day...or wait...freezing summer day.

Posted by daws0068 at 8:41 AM

July 5, 2004

Question about Gap report

I was looking at the Gap Social Responsibility report and was having difficulty deciphering the code violations section. It seems like it is color coded but I can't figure out what the colors stand for or how to read that chart. Am I just missing something? If anyone else figures it out, let me know.


Posted by dery0003 at 8:34 PM


Sorry I acidentlly hit the save button on my last entry and do not feel like deleting it. Anyway I lost track sometimes how many posts I have each week. Each day oppears to be in fluid motion with the next and the last; I am just caught in a constant string of incessant time, never stopping but seemingly the yesterdays are long lost in my memory as last weeks or years.
Anyway apart for me explaining about my cronic case of Alkeimers with my memory. My weekend was great and the nieghbors at our cabin, who have mega money, as was the title on the last post, spend about five thousand dollars each year on fireworks. Hey, if ya have the money what is a better use than blowing five grand on fireworks...unless you think about someone else who is homeless, hungry and starving with state budgets reduced to help them.

Posted by enge0385 at 5:42 PM

Mega Money

Posted by enge0385 at 5:34 PM

July 3, 2004

Happy 4th!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July tomorrow! Have fun watching fireworks, and keep your fingers crossed that it won't rain!


Posted by dery0003 at 4:59 PM

July 2, 2004


I did my presentation this Wed. I'm done with it, but I just not feel like I did well thou. I was soooooooo nervous. I did prepared, but I would say not well prepared. Sigh....anyway, I've got through it. Hope you guys just forget whatever I did wrong that night.
BTW, long weekend. Enjoy and refresh, have some fun!


Posted by yuan0042 at 12:56 PM

Gap, Inc. Social Responsibility Report

Here's the report I was showing you Wednesday night. I encourage you to peruse it--see how it's laid out, look over the executive summary, check out the way images are used, see what you can infer about the audience they imagine they're addressing.

Posted by ratli008 at 12:53 PM

Please help~~

My research topic is the use of Chinese herbal medicine in dietary supplements. My purpose is to imform the audience the risks that they may carry of the dietary supplements. The more I work on it, the more I feel uncomfortable with it.
It's mainly because the feasible solutions that I need to provide in the research. My orginal traget audiences are the consumers of dietary supplements and health magezine readers. Since a solution is required, I came up with the idea that government and federal association involve to pass out this information by different types of medias. The question is, since my solutions is towards to the government, should I change my audiences to be the government staffs? If I just want to provided the inforamtion to my orginally audiences, what would be better solutions?
I am just confused. Any help from you guys will be great. I'll be apprecited. Thanks.

Posted by yuan0042 at 12:49 PM

A Good Example

Clancy linked to a site called A List Apart the other day. I checked it out because like she specified, I AM interested in web design. I discovered that A List Apart is not only a good reference for designers, it's also pretty relevant to our class. The articles are very well written — they present technical ideas in a clever and easy-to-understand style. Of specific interest is the way they give instructions and the way they divide information into "chunks." Both of these techniques can be found in this article.

Posted by mill1621 at 11:26 AM

Have a nice break everyone

Hi class.

I hope everybody gets enough of rest, before school starts again. All of us need this time after our extensive work on our class proposal. As a matter of fact, I am just curious to know about the MLA format on the part of References in regard with "personal interview."; I would like to know if we are supposed to include the position and other information of the intervieews for the reader or not. If anybody has an idea, please let me know. Based on the book I have used, I did not find it neccessary, although I believe it should've been stated.

Thank you

Posted by rahi0004 at 1:54 AM

I hate the bus

I really hate the bus because I don't like the people on the bus. Yesterday, I had to take the stupid route 6 bus home and there was some kid whistling that song from "Kill Bill" for roughly forty minutes. Whistling is very rude. I hate the bus. And that's my second blog this week.

Posted by john6507 at 12:17 AM

July 1, 2004


I agree with you Clancy about Clinton. I don't think anybody would pay him 10 million dollors if he did not write about Monica. Everybody wants to know about his dirty big screate, not how he grew up or his life as a president. Did anybody got the chance to read his book? if you do please let me know?

Posted by asfa0002 at 3:27 PM