August 5, 2004

To whom it may concern:

I do believe that Somalia must be a pretty country. As a matter of fact, I know quiet number of people from Somalia who I happen to be good friend with. Actually, Abdi in our class is from Somalia. Obviously, you must have noticed what a descent young man he seems to be. Somalia, Tanzania, and Kenia are places that I am also hoping to visit. I love Somalian's 24 karat golds, some of the designs are very unique. Just in case if any body likes to see a different culture upfront as I do, here are addresses for two Somalian Bazar in twin city area;
* There is one in Lake street and pleasent ave in Minneapolis;
The other Bazar is in University ave. shortly passed HWY. 280.

By the way, tonight was the last day of class which seemed to be gone so quickly. Our class was very interesting to me since we had limited number of students so we got to know each other closely and above all, it represented an interesting combination of cultural diversity and clancy's nice southern accent added some spice to it. In fact, it was my first time in real life to hear this accent. At last but not least, I would like to thank Clancy on behalf of our entire class for all her work and the flexibilities she considered for us. Hope every body will have a happy rest of the summer before Fall Semester resides.

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August 4, 2004


Download file

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Dave Engelhart Presentation

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The last day!

Today is the last day of class, and the weather is soooo nice outside. It gains the happiness for sure.
I've seen most of our classmates' presentation on their topics. Everyone did a great job. Tonight is the last night, just want to say good luck to the rest of the class who's doing presentation tonight. ^^


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August 3, 2004

To Abhijatt

I would like to know your opinion about India's tourist attraction cites. on Monday you mentioned you have been to india 3 times. I think New-Dehli must be a nice city to visit but if you know of any other places interesting to see let me know. Thanks--Sohaila

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A Cultural question!

If you remember, paxton and Abdy presented the chapter about "presentation" in class few weeks ago. I remember on that day one of the issue discussed, was about; while presenting to a multi-audience including international group, try not to look at people's eyes since it might be a sign of disrespect. I am curious to know if any body from class especially those who are bicultured would know any particular reason for this matter?

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August 2, 2004

Need a Volunteer

Today I am doing a presentation about College of Human Ecology website. I need a volunteer who have not seen the CHE website. I really appreciate it if you let me know before my presentation. Thanks.

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Achewood: Another use for blogs

Achewood is one of many very humorous online comics. I started reading these sometime freshman year when I got bored with just sitting in my dorm room if nothing was going on. I would recommend starting with the Granddaddy of them all, the mighty Penny Arcade. One of the more interesting things about Achewood, and the feature that led me to post this, is the section of blogs that the author occasionally writes for all the characters (they're down in the lower right-hand corner of the page). I find it amazing that he can write entries in the style of each different character while gently mocking the different and sometimes odd ways people use blogs. He also has been integrating the events in the comic into the blogs, adding a backstory and sometimes information that is required to understand the joke in the latest strip. Yet another use for all this wonderful technology. These comics are sometimes offensive. Use caution if you're at work or might be offended yourself.

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It's all done!

I am just so glad that I am done with the whole moving process, which lasted for 3 days and couple more hours. Afterall, I would say moving is such a pain!
I wasn't able to rent a truck from U-haul because it's the season for people to move and they have too many reservations, that's understandable. The thing made me so mad was: I made my reservation online, and I've paid some $$ as a service fee, and it said on the web that they would contact me by 5:00pm before the day of my moving. I waited till 6:00pm and not receiving any calls from them, so I called over, a person put me on hold for half an hour and I still didn't talk to anyone from U-Haul. Checking back my credit card account, the service fee have been charged and it's unrefundable. Hey! I didn't get any services, why charged me? That's how they making money by collecting the services charge and not serve u?! I am so disapointed.
So finally, I got help from 2 cars and a mini van making 7 trips to move all my stuff to the new apartment...
My advice is make sure you have a truck to help you move before you decide to move.

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August 1, 2004

To clancy:

Clancy, I just did two new enteries titled;"To Dereck", and "Hi class". I'v found out that I did post them on our group project (instruction set) blog cite by mistake. If possible, please forward those two to our class blog cite--Sohaila

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