July 14, 2004

Dilbert Games

Dilbert Mission Statement Generator

Dilbert Performance Review Generator

Corporate buzzwords can be effective in small doses. The key is to communicate meaning. These games offer you a way to write something meaningless:

You have to review the performance of a co-worker who exhibits the intelligence of a slug, but since today's incompetent co-worker could become tomorrow's incompetent boss, you don't want to say anything offensive. Do you lie?

Solve the problem with Catbert's Performance Review Generator! Its vague sentences can be interpreted as praise by your dimwitted co-worker, but you'll know that "you would be lucky to get him to work for you" means he never works."

But, the verb wordbank in the Mission Statement Generator can be a good resource for avoiding nominalizations and passive voice. :-)

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July 2, 2004

Gap, Inc. Social Responsibility Report

Here's the report I was showing you Wednesday night. I encourage you to peruse it--see how it's laid out, look over the executive summary, check out the way images are used, see what you can infer about the audience they imagine they're addressing.

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A Good Example

Clancy linked to a site called A List Apart the other day. I checked it out because like she specified, I AM interested in web design. I discovered that A List Apart is not only a good reference for designers, it's also pretty relevant to our class. The articles are very well written — they present technical ideas in a clever and easy-to-understand style. Of specific interest is the way they give instructions and the way they divide information into "chunks." Both of these techniques can be found in this article.

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June 17, 2004

More on Memos

As you recall, in class we touched on the memos involved in the Challenger disaster. They include the O-ring memo and the flight seal memo. Let's devote a little class time Monday to talking about these. Many have argued that the message should have been clearer, that the communicators writing the memos should have said very clearly: "We strongly recommend that the launch of the Challenger should be postponed until we can repair the O-rings." What do you think?

Also, I mentioned the torture memos; read the articles I link to if you'd like to find out more about them.

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