Analysis of multimedia in news sites

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Media companies want to make profit from the internet. Online users sees the web as a unique platform to engage. Multimedia components are included in the news stories.

For example, the BBC and Al Jazeera covers the election in Mexico with multimedia features to enhance the users' experience.

The BBC's election coverage includes a video about the Mexicans' opinions and a slideshow with facts about the election. The video ties back to the article about the voters' opinions. The slideshow shows the candidates and the voters to give a more visual element to the story.

The BBC's slideshow is written like a news article. The captions are the facts of the election.It is written like a story with emphasis on the images.

Al Jazeera like the BBC includes a slideshow and two videos in its story about Mexico's presidential election. The video covers many details like the issues and the candidates.The slideshow is similar to the BBC with a detailed explanation about the election.

Al Jazeera's slideshow is written similar to the news article with an explanation and quotes that are related to the election.

Overall, media likes to include multimedia contents to attract users and to generate revenues.

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