Selling synthetic drugs felony in MN

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The lawmakers have passed a bill Thursday that will make the sales of drugs a felony, Associate Press reported.

The bill signed by Gov. Mark Dayton will take effect on August 1, WCCO reported.

"Today sends a clear message that these substances are not safe and that with this new law in effect they are not legal in Minnesota," Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said, Associate Press reported.

Two of 20 deaths due to synthetic drugs have occurred in Minnesota, WCCO reported.

Carol Falkowski, a drug abuse expert, said the bill is "in the right direction," but "very rigorous online sales of these things and that's really the wild card in all of this," WCCO reported.

The bill also allow the state Pharmacy Board to make new rules to fight against the formula changes by drug dealers to avoid existing laws, Associated Press reported.

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