Crackdown on synthetic drugs in Duluth

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Federal and local law enforcement officers raided a head shop Wednesday, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Duluth police said they have 2.8 million was seized from Jim Carlson's bank account, the store owner. They also seized two vehicles after a search warrant executed Wednesday at Last Place On Earth, Duluth Tribune News reported.

The police took 16 boxes of suspected synthetic marijuana in more than 20, 000 packages. The shop was raided back in September and $83,510 thousand in cash and 28 guns were seized, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The raid was part of the Drug Enforcement Administration to ban or control synthetic drugs.
The DEA seized more than $36 million in cash and arrested 91 people in the country, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The state lawmakers made the sale of drugs a felony on Thursday. President Obama signed a bill that bans sale of synthetic drugs, MPR reported.

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