Looted treasures return to Afghan

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More than 800 historical artifacts have been returned to Afghanistan on Sunday with the help of the British Museum and the UK's Ministry of Defense, the BBC reported. The artifacts were handed over to the museum in Kabul.

Afghanistan's National Museum lost about 70 percent of its artifacts during the civil war in the early 1990s. These items were sold in the black market, AFP reported.

Some were intercepted after they were smuggled to U.K. by the border forces. Others were recovered by the Metropolitan Police in London, the BBC reported.

Some artifacts were acquired by donors on behalf the museum, AFP reported.

" God willing, we will never see days as bad as that again," said Fahim Rahimi, the chief curator of Afghanistan's National Museum about the stolen artifacts, the BBC reported.

"I am happy as an Afghan that all of these pieces that are so important to the history and culture of this country are back with us," Rahimi said, the BBC reported.

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