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Analysis of an obituary

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Obituaries are not paid death notices. Newspapers publish obituaries for prominent people's death.

Dorii Gbolo's news obituray appears on Star Tribune. Jim Adams starts with a alternative lead that includes her name, a description about her, short claim to fame section, the reason for Gbolo's death, and her age.

Adams writes the obituary that is different from the New York Times.

He includes the standard obituary lead. He adds a long identifier for Gbolo and a short claim to fame section. The obituary helps the reader to understand the significance of Gbolo to the community.

"Dorii Gbolo dedicated her life to improving the physical and spiritual health of the poor in St. Paul and Liberia,"Star Tribune reported. This lead show her prominence in the community.

Adams uses multiple sources in this story. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., praised her work for the people. Gbolo's sister, Bettye Granger, gives personal details that add color to the piece. Other sources are an interview with Star Tribune in 2006 and Gbolo's husband Bill Gbolo. These multiple sources provides a good narrative of Gbolo's life.

Analysis of speech coverage

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Covering speeches could be overwhelming for journalists. They need to find a single topic to cover a speech.

Obama gave a speech in the swing state Pennsylvania on Friday, The Morning Call reported. The newspaper's Colby Itkowitz wrote a story about the speech.

Itkowitz narrows the speech into growth of middle-class jobs. She finds a good quote that supports this idea. Obama said "a direction that is true to our traditions by building not from the top down, but from the middle class out," The Morning Call reported.

The reporter writes that 6, 500 people attended the event at Carnegie Mellon University. This tells the readers when and where about the speech. The readers will know the size of the crowd and the place it was held.

This story contains the listeners' opinions that is provided with context and background. She uses Scott Woodmancy, 48, as an example to show the manufacturing job less that Obama tries to address in his speech. The writer provides background information on Woodmancy's job history and losing his job that becomes an context for the speech story.

Overall, every speech story must focus on a specific topic.

Analysis of multimedia in news sites

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Media companies want to make profit from the internet. Online users sees the web as a unique platform to engage. Multimedia components are included in the news stories.

For example, the BBC and Al Jazeera covers the election in Mexico with multimedia features to enhance the users' experience.

The BBC's election coverage includes a video about the Mexicans' opinions and a slideshow with facts about the election. The video ties back to the article about the voters' opinions. The slideshow shows the candidates and the voters to give a more visual element to the story.

The BBC's slideshow is written like a news article. The captions are the facts of the election.It is written like a story with emphasis on the images.

Al Jazeera like the BBC includes a slideshow and two videos in its story about Mexico's presidential election. The video covers many details like the issues and the candidates.The slideshow is similar to the BBC with a detailed explanation about the election.

Al Jazeera's slideshow is written similar to the news article with an explanation and quotes that are related to the election.

Overall, media likes to include multimedia contents to attract users and to generate revenues.

Analysis of Attribution in a News story

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Attribution is key in journalism because it identifies the source(s). The readers will know where the information is coming from.

The story is about Syria shooting a Turkey jet and the search for the pilots in Reuters contains variety of sources to create the news story. The story attributes to different sources to present a fair and accurate representation of the situation.

Government officials from Syria and Turkey is included in the piece like the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu or a Syrian military account. They provide the official story of their side.

There is also experts from universities are interviewed for the story and they analyze the situation.

An anonymous source is attributed in the story. This Arabian diplomat conforms an important detail that Turkey is involved with the funding of Syrian rebels. The attribution to a source helps the reporter and the news organization to show the readers that the information is not created by them.

The reporter uses 'said' to attribute sources. It's effective because it helps the reader to focus on the quote or paraphrase. Overall, attribution is a must in news writing.

Analysis of Colorado's fire news lead

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The story is about the wildfire in Colorado starting with the five W's.

Thomas Peipert of The Associated Press answered the who question at the beginning by saying that the firefighters are working to control the fire. Then, he writes the place where the fire was happening. The what in the story is the fire.

This hard-news is an important story because of the news values. The impact of the fire in the community is happening right now. This is a national news due to the federal funding issues, thus important to Minnesotans. But, the fire is happening in Colo., so it is not literally closer Minnesotans.

There is an argument about the rsponse to fire by the federal government, which is a conflict. The reporter covers this part of the story thoroughly.

The story focuses on the effort by the firefighters to control the fire and provides detailed information with quotes, numbers, public records and press release. Overall, the story summarize the important facts in the lead.

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